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2021.10.22 10:41 ShortAlgo Tried to warn you...29.83% UP since my Buy alert. Real time signals on the chart. Free 7-day trial at

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2021.10.22 10:41 ShortAlgo Tried to warn you... 6.16% UP since my Buy alert. Real time signals on the chart. Free 7-day trial at

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2021.10.22 10:41 fungussa Language used to describe the climate becoming more urgent, study finds - between 2018 and 2020 use of ‘climate crisis’ increased nearly 20-fold

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2021.10.22 10:41 SAUS__ Calensk The Badass

Remember that day in Papers, Please where some dickhead kolechian shows up with a bomb, and Calensk's reaction was
Cut the fucking wires in order, I need my job for money, give me bomb parts, I sell them on black market
Calensk treated a bomb in a Checkpoint like a casual situation
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2021.10.22 10:41 ZoolShop Do you want to use your crypto to purchase things online?

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2021.10.22 10:41 ArnauMuRo A 2022 european tour has just been announced!

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2021.10.22 10:41 ConstantOffer0o The friendly man

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2021.10.22 10:41 Electronic_Tiger_880 Don't fuck up karl

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2021.10.22 10:41 hats4bats22 What is a type of ab exercise you can do (besides planks) that work for a spinal fusion (no twisting or bending of the torso)?

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2021.10.22 10:41 Astro_83 This just has to be the best thing I’ve seen today

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2021.10.22 10:41 notsoslimbutshady KSH Koreans fans

Does anybody living in South Korea know what the public perception of KSH is like now? Is it declining or improving? Based on Twitter and Reddit, it seems like he has more support from international fans and it could also explain why brands are unarchiving their KSH ads - to get more likes/views from international fans. Even KBS posted a 2D1N video with KSH in it an hour ago and it has twice the amount of engagement compared to their previous posts.
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2021.10.22 10:41 c0viDOMME 🎃👻🎃 A Very Scary COVID Halloween! 🎃👻🎃

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2021.10.22 10:41 Correct-Background61 [Prosciutto ham] Prosciutto ham roll with persimmon and cream cheese (perfect for wine snacks!)

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2021.10.22 10:41 Comfortable_Travel13 “Stick Figures”

There’s always something “off” about the shapes of drawings from kids. Like the kids you see in horror movies, drawing disturbing figures they’ve seen in the deep horrors of the night. Well, this is much much worse.
“Jen, don’t walk away when I’m talking to you!” my mom demanded from the bottom of the stairs.
Throwing my belongings into my bed, I grabbed my skateboard, my mom following closely behind, spewing rambles at me.
“Kay mom.” I said, stepping out of the house.
I put my headphones in and began to cruise on my skateboard. Taking in the sight of the suburban lights and barking dogs that seemed everlasting, I decided that I should go make a run for snacks.
“Only 4 dollars, better make it count.” I said while retreating the money I just pulled out of my pocket.
I swung open the door to the gas station, where there would be tons of sweet goods. But to my disappointment, there were just the usual brittle chips.
“Great, just the kind I need.” I said while forcing a frown on my face.
“Hey Jen, looking for these?” an old, kind, and raspy voice called out.
“Aw thanks, Ron! How’d you know?” I said, approaching the counter.
“Well, I couldn't just let ya sit there with a frown. I kept them just for you!” Ron, the old teddy bear of a man chuckled.
Ron was a sweet, old, and gentle being. His long and gray beard made me think of him as Santa.
Pulling out the very few dollars I had in my pocket, Ron refused and told me that it was on the house. I looked at him in awe. Involuntarily, a huge smile plastered all over my face.
“Thank you Ron. You’re-” Ron cut me off.
“Oh no worries, I’m just an old man. Ain’t much I can do.” Ron said, a gentle smile pressed on his face.
“Now go on. Oh and ya know Jen, you could swing by whenever ya need. I know things at home are a little rough.” Ron said, handing me a bag full of chocolate.
In return, I shot him a gentle smile that would take a while to erase off of my face.
Exiting the store, I pulled a chocolate bar out of the bag, taking a seat on the curb. I felt like a kid, just being the happiest I’ve been in ages. Remembering life back at home, the smile that guaranteed everlasting joy faded.
“Hey kid, you seem… off.” A cold-voiced stranger said to me.
Immediately, I felt off.
“I’m good.” I said, standing up.
“Don’t walk away when I’m talkin’ to you.” the stranger said, giving me flashbacks of the one-sided argument I had been in with my mom.
As I started walking away, the stranger followed me. The abnormality of his thin figure wasn’t the worst of his image. The pale skin and sunken eyes made the uneasiness settle in. He towered over me. You’d think someone with that kind of description would look dirty and appear as though they haven’t showered in years. But no. He was dressed in a tuxedo that looked very expensive. It was just unsettling. I murmured something, taken aback by the sight of him.
“Hey, miss! They’re coming to get you! They’re comin’, don’t you worry! Curse I tell ya!” the man yelled, dancing and shouting maniacally.
The unease made me feel sick and sluggish. As I skated away, I could still hear his fading laughs in the distance. Even when I couldn't see the gas station anymore.
Eventually reaching the driveway to the house I dreaded going in, I decided to sit on the bench instead of going inside already.
Watching the cars pass by, I noticed it was getting late.
“Might as well go in.” I said, lazily rising to my feet.
Opening the door to where I would regret it, I heard my mom who, inevitably, was already yelling before I stepped in the door.
Seeing my little sister run across the living room towards the stairs, away from my mom, looked like a mouse running from a cat. I shot her a fierce glare. She returned it.
I walked upstairs with the intention of cheering up my sister.
“Hey Anna, I got something for you.” I said. Anna, my sister, turned her head and for a split second, I saw the horrifying image of tall dark figures nearly ripping my sister apart. Every limb stretched more than it was supposed to, blood pooling out from where her limbs used to be, dismembered, her face with a dead frown on it, eyes sunken.
I blinked. Everything was okay. I snapped out of my daze to see Anna jumping from excitement with the bag of chocolate I was giving her, in her hand. My arms were still in the position as if I was still giving her the chocolate. I was frozen.
I brushed it off as a side effect of the lack of sleep I was getting.
“You’re welcome, Anna.” I said, a gentle smile on my face.
“Well, I’m off to bed.” I said.
I felt a light tug on my arm. I looked back to see Anna looking up at me with fearful, glassy eyes.
“Wa- What’s up Anna?” I questioned.
“They’re coming.” Anna coldly said, her tone in voice dropping significantly.
I tucked her into bed after that. Just before I could exit the room, I looked over to see a grimy, dark disturbing drawing. The picture included dark, long, tall, and skinny stick figures. Something out of a nightmare.
“Did you draw this?” I asked, questioning Anna. But before I could turn around, she was snoring.
I gave Anna a kiss on her forehead and left the room.
I went downstairs to plop my body on the sofa. Mom had left for work so there was no dealing with her.
As my thoughts subsided, I started to fall into deep tranquility, only to be jolted back to my senses from a high-pitched scream.
Immediately, I launched myself off of the couch and forced my legs up the stairs.
“Anna is everything okay!?” I yelled, trying to throw open the door, wondering if I had closed it. The door wouldn't budge.
“Anna, please open the door!” I screamed, banging in the door. Screams were all I could hear. Terrifying screams. Slamming my body against the door, I felt helpless.
“Help me, Jen! Help me!” Anna pleaded.
Scrambling to pick up my phone, I called the police. I don’t even think they understood me from all of the screaming.
I dropped to my knees, tears streaming down my face. I couldn't take the pleading screams that I knew I couldn't stop. As Anna screamed and pleaded, demonic monotone voices joined her. It sounded as though the voices were merging together. I could no longer distinguish which voice was which.
It was when I thought I would mentally check out when all of a sudden, the horrible sounds came to an abrupt stop.
“Anna?” I questioned.
No response.
To my amazement, the door creaked open. My sobbing subsided and I got up from my knees. Without a second thought, I straightened myself to go into the room but stopped myself in the doorway. I looked into the room which seemed like an abyss of total darkness. I flipped the switch to the light of the room, only to see a sight I could never forget.
Through the darkened flicker of the lamp, I could see tall, dark, and lanky figures that went up to the ceiling... holding my sister.
Four of the figures then abruptly paused the torturing they were putting my sister through, turning their heads slowly.
My brain couldn't comprehend the mere sight of what I was seeing. The puddles of deep crimson liquid oozing and spilling out of the sockets of where Anna’s limbs were supposed to be, made my knees give out. She was no longer Anna. My little sister was no longer a living and breathing being. All that was left was her torso.
All in unison, the figures started laughing maniacally. Laughing exactly like that guy in the tuxedo.
I got up, slipping, almost falling on my face.
I sprinted to the stairs, panting for air. I saw the figures chasing me in my peripherals. They were mocking me, letting me know that they could catch me at any moment if they wanted.
I tumbled down the stairs, hitting my head on every step. Finally reaching the bottom, I knew I couldn’t wait. Adjusting my eyes, I looked up to see the figures swiftly conjoining together at the top of the stairs.
I made a break for a nearby closet, shutting it closed. I heard the figures shuffle upstairs before making their way down the steps. Coming into my view through the space in the closet, I could see one of the figures fireman carrying my no longer sister’s torso.
What I smelled was indescribable. I covered my mouth, trying not to make the slightest noise.
What came next made my stomach churn. The figures stood in a circle, placing my sister’s torso in the middle.
I was close to breaking. The smell, the sight. It was just horrible. Right then, a figure that had it's back turned swiftly turned around, looking right at the closet.
I knew what it was about to do before it made a move.
The figure slowly hovered, not walked, to the closet I was in. I panicked. The figure stood directly in front of the closet. I could feel it’s presence, looming over the door.
Thinking fast, I went deeper into the closet, no plan devised.
The figure swung the door open, searching. My heart pounded so hard that I thought the figure could hear it. Started laughing. Laughing gradually and maniacally.
I was terrified. Terrified that I would get ripped apart piece by piece. I then thought of my sister’s screams, rage coursing through my body.
I barged out of the closet, launching the figure away from me. The figure seemed to weigh nothing.
All of them froze and glared at me, their sunken eyes unmoving. I made a break for the kitchen, the figures all laughing. I grabbed a large kitchen knife, gripping it.
Forcing my legs towards the front door, I couldn't wait until this nightmare was over. I had tunnel vision.
Before reaching the door, all of them swiftly blocked my path, closing in on me. My fury quickly dissipated. My survival mechanism kicked in when they cornered me.
Two of them launched themselves towards me. I forced the knife into one of the figure’s heads, dodging. A dark almost transparent substance spilled out onto the floor.
They scattered around me. I knew that although I was still outnumbered, I had to keep fighting. The figure that I stabbed abruptly disappeared into thin air, the knife clicking on the floor.
Arming myself with the knife again, one of the figures swiftly knocked me off of my feet and onto my back.
The figure then forcefully wrapped it’s thin sharp-like hands around my neck, gripping forcefully.
The figure stared me in the eyes and started laughing. The laugh is all I could hear. My senses began slipping away, my struggling starting to dissipate.
A thrust of the last bit of adrenaline I had, burst through me. I kicked the figure off. It landed on its back in front of me. With no time to catch my breath, I saw a window of opportunity and grabbed the knife. The other figures watched in stillness.
Letting the rage burst from me, I plundered the knife into the figure so many times that I thought my arms would fall off. I spaced out, my body moving on it’s own.
Without even realizing it, the front door burst open.
“Police! Let me see your hands!” an authority voice shouted.
I froze when I looked down to see that who I was plundering the knife into was Ron…
He must've gotten in from the back door.
Ron was not only the sweet cashier, but he was my neighbor too. He must've come to check on me. But there he was, lying on the floor, lifeless, blood pooling out of his chest.
Before I knew it, I was getting put in handcuffs. I zoned out. It was all too surreal. Did I hallucinate everything that happened? Why was it happening anyway? Could anyone else see these figures?
All of these questions went unanswered until what happened next.
As the police officers were pulling me away from the brutal crime scene, I could see the same well-dressed creepy man that I saw at the gas station.
I felt nauseous.
He leaned up against the hood of the police unit, gradually laughing. Laughing maniacally. I tried to speak but I couldn't. I kicked and resited but that only made the police officer’s grip tighten.
When I got thrown into the back of the police car, my gaze broke from the manic-laughing guy. When I looked back up, he wasn't there anymore.
As you can guess, I was held for intense interrogation. During the interrogation, I found myself unrecognizable, laughing almost exactly how the figures were laughing. The detectives told me to write down what happened, so this is what this is.
Well, farewell. I guess this story determines where I go.
Please, if you ever see a pale, sunken-eyed creepy guy dressed fairly well, don’t talk to him.
That was the message given to me. I’m one of the detectives on the case and I wanted to share it throughout the internet. I think this is an interesting case and wanted this to get out.
Whoever this man was in this story, you should really look out for him.
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2021.10.22 10:41 Emicharr Why do people call this game pay to win?

Like in the game i haven’t seen an option to use real life money as far as i know we use in-game currency for all things in the game
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2021.10.22 10:41 5_Frog_Margin Cringe Dormeyer Appliance Ad from 1950's.

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2021.10.22 10:41 Adaptable_lemon_34 Information on capacity management in insurance

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2021.10.22 10:41 That1Temmie the perfect PC background

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2021.10.22 10:41 Unable_Patience8127 looking for a keyboard

Hey, i'm looking for a mechanical keyboard with either linear or clicky mechanical switches. Features desired include media keys (preferably dedicated, next track, previous track, pause and such), and a 1ms wireless connectivity, preferably not a low profile keyboard. I do not mind the size or lighting on the board, and my budget is flexible. Does anyone know of a keyboard with those features or anything similar?
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2021.10.22 10:41 FabulousPickle8342 Do the editors add a filter to all the footage?

I was listening to Watch What Crappens podcast this week and they said that bravo adds a filter to all the footage for Real Housewives and VPR. Curious if this is true? I wouldn’t be shocked if it was.
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2021.10.22 10:41 Equizotic Meghan’s wig…

Is so bad.
That is all
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