Does anyone else feel like they're faking their gender identity? I'm too scared to come out because what if people think I just want attention?

"They're all dead because of you. I get it. That's a heavy, heavy burden. It's time to put it down. You're a revenant. Walking the earth, completely unaware that you're already dead. I hate seeing you like this. It's sad. Give it up, Frank. Give it up, and I'll make it clean and fast. Go out like a soldier." ―Billy Russo to Frank Castle Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion.

2021.10.22 08:47 thefrogmuncher Does anyone else feel like they're faking their gender identity? I'm too scared to come out because what if people think I just want attention?

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2021.10.22 08:47 Jeremiah----- Why is writing longer sentences and playing on words strongly discouraged?

A longer sentence is just a tool in your shed the same as a short or medium sentence. If you can write them you can write longer sentences using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. Of course it still has to be good but the tool will never be used if new writers are always told it's wrong to write longer sentences.
Also why is playing on words strongly discouraged to amateur writers? I understand for some writers that the words are just a vehicle to tell the story but they can also be an intrinsic part of the book. You know multiple writers who used style and form and playing on words (breaking alot of grammar and punctuation rules) to create amazing stories that if posted on here would be considered wrong. Again, writers will never play on words if they're always told it's wrong to do so so shouldn't it be encouraged the same as writing more straightforward and clearly?
I'll give an example of a sentence: 'In the field, the dark grey hares stood on their white bushy haired hinds grazing all morning, until I came, and in a hurry their little legs scurried to hide in the dark ditch.'
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2021.10.22 08:47 ImThour PGL Stockholm 2021 Major - All Holo Stickers

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2021.10.22 08:47 BaguetteOfDoom If you still have a PSP lying around, check up on it. I just noticed that mine has a bloated battery.

This is potentially dangerous. I hope yours is still in good shape but better safe than sorry.
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2021.10.22 08:47 TFTCoach_Frozen [For Hire] Assistant and researcher £ 100/month

Hello redditors,
I am a medical student and have worked as a virtual assistant in the past. For £ 100 a month I will provide assistance with any tasks that you may have.
Why should you consider hiring me?

These are some of the tasks I have experience in doing:
I can also conduct any type of research, especially if it is within my niche ( medicine and fitness, environment, homesteading, agriculture, technology, esports). If you need to find and organize any information from the internet, I could do that too. I could even write you a meal plan/running program. Should you feel like I would be capable of doing any other tasks that I have not already mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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2021.10.22 08:47 Bellybutton_fluffjar If you're here because you recently quit instead of getting a vaccine that was mandated, then you'll get no sympathy from us.

So many of us got ill and had friends who've died because we were FORCED to serve anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. We've had to listen to your bullshit at work and we don't want to hear it here. This is an anti-work place, not an anti-vaxx/anti mask place. Don't get it confused. Vaccines save lives.
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2021.10.22 08:47 Logical-Bell-4382 If we legalized marijuana, the government could collect more taxes

That’s called slave-talk, isn’t it?
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2021.10.22 08:47 isit1212 I'm confused

I need to vent.
I've made a post recently about feeling an urge to reach out to my TF which I haven't talked for 2 years but... At the same time I've been thinking about it a lot. Why? Why would I do that? Why would I reach to her just to tell her I still think about her? What would it change for me?
I don't expect her to even reply me. I don't expect us to get back together and live a happily ever after. I don't have time for this right now anyways. Doesn't make sense. So, I ask myself. Why do I wanna do this? And I've been trying to find an answer but I can't and I can't understand what's going on in my mind.
If I know me well, I'm sure that eventually I'll just snap and impulsively reach out but I'd like to understand me first, you know? Understand what is it that I wanna achieve by talking to her after so long while I put myself in a very vulnerable place.
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2021.10.22 08:47 libericabeans06 24 [F4A] looking for wholesome buddy beach trip in zambales

Hello! Alam ko alanganin date pero yun lang available na day na vacant sa resort before long weekend. Looking for a buddy/wholesome na makakasama please, not looking for nsfw. Message me nalang for the details, hoping to see you!! I'm from zambales north na btw
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2021.10.22 08:47 dreambringer1 Nina Agdal

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2021.10.22 08:47 dixhuit UnitCrunch v0.30.0 released

Summary A pretty boring release for you folks I'm afraid. This one's all about stability, privacy and so on. Important but boring. Better luck next time!

Improved Changed Fixed
If you'd like to support the project you can do so via
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2021.10.22 08:47 kermodi Remade nasty boi Vlad

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2021.10.22 08:47 Mehcro127 Small Theory about weird route

As we further push our other classmates to commit atrocities, they start to fall into a deep depression and seeking hope.
Makes their own fountains and thus... having a reason for The Roaring explained to us
(Its a very small theory but i doubt toby fox would continue doing "Chapter ? Starring a random classmate)
(while writing this... I thought that how the chapters always ends with someone changing in the end.)
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2021.10.22 08:47 Starman1947 Co Founder of AMP FLEXA Tyler Spalding interview today !!!
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2021.10.22 08:47 HaLf-RoBoT10 Is there a minimum amount of sources required for the EE? (Doing it on chem)

I have 10 sources atm, and I have completed the first draft.
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2021.10.22 08:47 SuperEvilPackage Ska Punk featuring chiptune melodies. Hope y'all can get into it

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2021.10.22 08:47 nicktheone Esiste un addon per Firefox che mi permetta di aprire e chiudere una serie di schede rapidamente?

Mi servirebbe la possibilità di aprire (e chiudere eventualmente) una serie di schede tutte insieme da avere a portata di mano quando svolgo certe attività ma che non voglio semplicemente tenere bloccate lì sempre aperte ad ogni sessione se non sto facendo nulla per la quale mi sarebbero utili. Esiste un addon che mi permetta di fare ciò comodamente senza aprire e chiudere manualmente ognuna di queste schede?
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2021.10.22 08:47 s2004Gamer I can't stop seeing it

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2021.10.22 08:47 xionc666 Stats for Aston Martin Vantage GT11 car hunt

Except guaranteed ones, I gathered 152 BPs and opened 1669 packs. It gives 9,1% DR which is nice.
Breakdown (BPs/packs):

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2021.10.22 08:47 No-Environment-1479 ñ

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2021.10.22 08:47 UdemyCouponsMe Python Learn By Python Projects & Python Quizzes In 2021

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2021.10.22 08:47 Nohan07 Le pyromane de Pointe-à-Pitre interpellé et présenté aux juges

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2021.10.22 08:47 PaycoRed Let's discuss how Marvel and DC Comics handle Zombie stories.

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2021.10.22 08:47 Troncone0408 A little Hope.

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2021.10.22 08:47 PasiphaeDNW_03 França aumenta rede de gastos em alguns bilhões temporariamente para poder suprir programas sociais diante dos problemas causados pela pandemia

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