Chapter 87 discussion(Fast Pass)*SPOILERS*

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2021.11.27 10:50 maddygogo Chapter 87 discussion(Fast Pass)*SPOILERS*

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2021.11.27 10:50 Make_the_music_stop My personal journey with Frasier, from 1990 (age 18) to present. Yep, now middle aged as long as I can make it to a 100.

I found an old diary a few a weeks ago from 1998 and nearly every week there was a comment “We watched Frasier”. Made me think, where was I when Frasier was on live, once a week and all we had was a VHS recorder. When did I first become aware of Frasier?
1990 January: Fresh out of boarding school (not much TV viewing), my first job and in the first week, my boss said, “Did you watch Cheers last night?”. My answer was no. “Oh, you have to watch Cheers, it is the best thing on TV”. It is weird how you can remember conversations so far back!? Why did this stick? I must have watched it. I must have seen Frasier and Lilith. But sadly, no memory of them.
Up to April 1995: I can remember watching Cheers, but no Frasier. Not even sure Frasier was aired (this was in South Africa).
May 1995 to 1998: Now living in London, my new English girlfriend was a Frasier fan. She loved Niles the most, much like this sub. Channel 4 in the UK had the rights, but:
“The debut season of 'Frasier' aired on NBC in the prime Thursday night at 9.30pm slot after 'Seinfeld', beginning on September 16th 1993, and debuted on UK television on 20th April 1994.”
We were 6-7 months behind the US. But I must have totally missed the first season!
Sep 1998: I have a clear vivid memory of being back in South Africa seeing family and having brought back 6 hours of British TV programmes on two VHS tapes. And there was one Frasier episode, Head Game (S4E5). I still remember my parents when Niles said “Oh! "You're a genius." With the less common J spelling but still, his point is well taken.” they laughed so hard, like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. At the time, it probably was.
Oct 1998 to June 2000: Hardly saw any TV. Was backpacking around the world for 20 months. So I would have missed one or two seasons.
July 2001: Went on a blind date (in London). I knew she was the one! Somehow you just know. And there it was, few weeks later I learnt she was a huge Frasier fan.
We would have watched the final seasons “live”. But again, don’t have memories of this! But we must have right?
2006: Purchased a HDD recorder. By then Channel 4 UK was showing Frasier episodes on a loop. 10 episodes a week. I finally got to see The Good Son. We would watch the 10 episodes a week. At the end of each, we would nod or shake our heads. Around a quarter of episodes would be copied onto DVDs for safe keeping and then deleted from the HDD.
2010: Purchased a more advanced and larger HDD. We got the timing right and got the full set of every Frasier episode. We would still watch one to two episodes a night. Never deleting them this time.
2021: We still watch around 5 to 7 episodes a week. In order. No need for streaming. We have old tech, it is still working fine.
Frasier is now quoted nonstop by us both every day. Like, we never say the word NO it is things like "I would sooner attend a hoedown." Or "I would prefer to cut my own arm off and eat it." And if the TV is on too loud or the alarm is going off, we just shout “Make the music stop”
Thanks for reading!
(And finding this sub! My favourite place to be. Thanks to you all!)
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2021.11.27 10:50 Interesting_Pen2013 Pokemon Go on Huawei

Hello ,
is there any possible way to play the game on my nova 7 5g ?
thanks in advance
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2021.11.27 10:50 rubes___ Mary Earps (England) denies Austria a goal

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2021.11.27 10:50 DionDude08 good title

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2021.11.27 10:50 uselesscartographer Why do you love or hate the Marine Corps?

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2021.11.27 10:50 VeloxLetum ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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2021.11.27 10:50 OctavianRim Should there be a distinction between art and the artist?

Let's say an artist commited a serious crime, would it be wrong to enjoy their art? Should their art be prohibited from public display?
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2021.11.27 10:50 Red_Glass-4797 The SWTOR iceberg

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2021.11.27 10:50 Zyurat Grupos de Reddit Rosario

Como soy un boludo hace como dos meses saqué el post y no lo actualicé, ahí va
Acá nos mantenemos en contacto la muchachada de reddit, en server de discord ya tiene +300 personas. Hablamos al pedo, organizamos meetups y posteamos bizarradas. Están todos invitados.
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2021.11.27 10:50 mrfreeze_017 My (New to Me) 2003 S-Type R

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2021.11.27 10:50 duncan_johnson I found a copper 5 pence coin!

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2021.11.27 10:50 jetaway15 Michigan State/ Penn State game

Hi, Anyone know of Michigan State bars in Westchester, Rockland, or Stamford?
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2021.11.27 10:50 luckless_gamer GTA 5 - Naruto (Jinchuriki Form) Vs Broly | Fight On The Mars.

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2021.11.27 10:50 micropepsi When was a time you wished you had stood up for yourself at a shitty job?

I was 17 and working as a clerk for a financial adviso insurance broker. He paid me absolute minimum wage he could and even went so far as to only have me work 37.5 hours a week so I was only part time permanent and not full time, thereby only qualifying for 2 weeks pto not 4.
Not only did he get me to work above and beyond what was in my job description but I also had a 2 hour commute each way (public transport) which he knew and would still tell me off when I was 4 mins late due to my bus stuck in traffic.
He would also scream at me and my 2 other colleagues when we made errors in our work, one of whom was his niece. He would also wave my job in my face and tell me if it wasn’t for him I would still be a bum on centrelink (unemployment).
I wasn’t even able to try to find a new job as I was gone from the house 6am-6pm every day and the weekends were spent catching up on chores etc.
I wish I had just told him to shove it and walked.
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2021.11.27 10:50 v0lth_ Jeez...Is Gravity Falls really going to turn 10 this summer? Damn bro, I feel old all of a sudden💀

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2021.11.27 10:50 smlo Laptop for daily usage with %100 sRGB IPS 120+ Hz screen under 1000$/€

As stated in the title. You can recommend US or EU model it doesn't matter. I won't be gaming on it.

The display also should be non-glossy and flicker free. (DC dimmer) I want something snappy to use. CPU should be 4/8 at least.
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2021.11.27 10:50 Yanwayne14 Looking for Small 4 cylinder suv (maybe 6)

I'm looking for a smaller SUV for daily driver. I drive an 09 civic right now and its very uncomfortable. Preferably 4cyclinder due to gas and my commute. I am entertaining 6 cylinders for more options however Id like a smaller one like a 3-3.5 litre Pathfinder. Not like a 4L Blazer those things suck up gas. I'd prefer one with 4x4 or even that auto 4wd as I live in Canada however if theres 2wd models thats cool too. Buget is probably in the 5k range. Can go higher somewhere in the 8k max unless I love it. Anyways just need something reliable that doesnt have crazy known issues. I tend to like older models however rust is the issue up here the older you go. Most interested so far in the 2nd gen CRVs year like an 05-06 but its hard to find them with lower kms. The Rav 4's from 2000's to 2012 ish I believe it is. I like the nissan X trail a lot but I have no idea if its reliable. They sold from 2005-2006 and have the cvt transmission? Any info on that? Subaru foresters look decent however I lean toward suv for headroom and comfort while drving. Again open to things like the older pathfinder and v6 but I dont know how much fuel consumption the v6 have in different models.
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2021.11.27 10:50 -Cute_gay_bunny- Do any of you think you had dysphoria as kids but then outgrew it?

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2021.11.27 10:50 William2518 "It's preferable to leave the road free for those who lead an accelerated life,than to accompany them on that path that in the end we don't know if they will end up alive" William Ventura

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2021.11.27 10:50 haileyscorner I added way too much water when the leaves shrivelled up now all the roots are gone. Is it over? Is there anything I can do now?

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2021.11.27 10:50 nadeem786006 kyrrex

Using many reputable exchanges will help keep your assets safe from unexpected incidents. If you are using Binance & Coinbase, you should also refer and use KYRREX. It is really very safe and user-friendly.
#kyrrex #DeFi #KRRX #$KRRX #presale #investing
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2021.11.27 10:50 KirbyFan999 Why did I even make this lol

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2021.11.27 10:50 RoxanneNorman Vintage Retro Lizard - Lizard

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2021.11.27 10:50 decorama Keurig with reusable pods only.

Thinking of buying our first Keurig under one condition - we never have to buy plastic pods. We only want to use our own packaged coffee in re-usable K-pods.

Thanks for any input.
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