I never knew they used a YouTubers full legal name, instead of there YouTube name.🙄😂😂

2022.01.19 22:58 Asstralk I never knew they used a YouTubers full legal name, instead of there YouTube name.🙄😂😂

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2022.01.19 22:58 Lodee1 Shiny Giveaway Day 8 Part 2!

This is the final run of pokemon I will be giving away, same thing as I did earlier today, Shiny Palkia, Dialga AND Giratina all holding their respective orbs. All of these have been duped, and for everyone taking part, you will be getting all 3! I will be going for only 5 hours once this post is made, so do bear in mind that I will not be continuing past that point! Also please do not ask for only a few of them, I will only be giving them all together.
I'll be in the room code 2653 2653 standing in the middle of the room, please quickly exit the room upon receiving the trade so that other may get one as well, and if you don't get into my room, just leave and re-enter the code until you do.
You do not have to give me anything for them, but anything and everything will be appreciated (especially shiny eggs).
Last but not least, thank you again to everyone who took part this past week, and for all the kind mons you sent my way, and I hope you enjoy your time with this game!
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2022.01.19 22:57 Mountain_Web_9456 [US] [Buying] Any issue/All issues of Tokyo Ghoul: Re

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2022.01.19 22:57 RadiantLet971 Use the freaking microwave!!!

I don't have a pic but I just saw a housemate of mine put two frozen dinners in the freaking oven to heat them up when we have a perfectly functioning microwave right next to it. What the ever living heck!!! Sure, not like the damn electric bill isn't high enough already! Ugh!!!!
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2022.01.19 22:57 morbidly_obese_cat_ i’m trans inclusionary radical misogynist

before we begin, i hate trans women, not because they are trans, but because they are women. i love trans men because they are no longer women. i may be a misogynist, but im not a transphobe.
now to go on to explain what we do to replace femoids. we have sex with femboys. unlike women, femboys cook, clean,take care of themselves and have a sense of fashion? why do you think so many fashion designers are gay men? men are just inherently better. the sex with femboys is also better as they are men themselves, so know how to handle penises and make other men feel good. cum and cocks also taste better than pussy. have you ever tasted a submissive and breedable femboys thick juicy boymilk? their cocks are so yummy too. shy and clumsy femboy twinks will replace women. and the beta straight males will only be used to breed more sigma men and chad femboys.
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2022.01.19 22:57 epinephrine_stat ISO sorc torch pm offers

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2022.01.19 22:57 tsukihimeeee Started collecting 4 months ago and it’s been pretty fun so far!

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2022.01.19 22:57 ParagonFury I'm at an impasse; I feel like I should quit fighting games...

Despite the fact that I like their characters, the mechanics, the music the art etc.
Ironically, it puts me in the same spot I was with League before I quit playing that; I like most everything about it but after all this time and effort I'm still so exceptionally bad at them that I can't enjoy them (it, in the case of League).
When I play PvP games, I do it for competition. Legitimate, fair competition. I don't play them to stomp people (all the time anyway) and I don't play them to spend my time doing nothing but my time getting my ass kicked. To make a comparison to another game I like - a 40-50 match (or something similar)? Win or lose I can handle that, even enjoy it. But a 4-50 match? Win or lose that sucks and I don't want a part of that.
Unfortunately, that is what my fighting game experience is (with one exception). I'm little more than a target dummy in fighting games - it's nothing but 4-50 matches (or worse, 0-50 matches) in most games I've tried to play.
The only exception being DoA. But that was special because that was from back when I had time. I could play DoA and Halo AND singleplayer games for 4-5 hours every day and keep up with and keep track of everything. I could waste time not playing people, sitting practicing something. But unlike when I was in middle and high school (and college) I no longer have the ability to play 4 hours as day.
I can maybe have 1 or 2 hours for PvP games a day, and a bit more on the weekend. And I have to make a choice; if I'm going to play a PvP game, why am I going to get on that PvP game and not play vs. people the whole time? I feel like it's just become a raw factor of "If you're not playing vs. people, then stop wasting your time, get back on that single player game you haven't finished yet and make some legitimate progress you'll feel good about without qualifications."
Or my brain will go "If you're going to play a PvP game, why are you getting on one where you're going to spend the entire time being mercilessly beaten to the point of being harassed and mocked by your opponents and not one where you're actually somewhat decent and a legitimate threat?"
It's like....I don't want to give up and lose another genre to play, basically being stuck forever now with just regular shooters and RPGs. Especially since I like so much about fighters. But on the other hand it feels dumb because I either have to go play what is functionally just PvE by another name (labbing/practice) and thus defeating the purpose of playing the PvP game, or I play vs. people and waste an hour just handing out Freelo to my enemies the entire time.
Like, my 2nd favorite character in STRIVE is coming out in...10 days or so? But I can't even feel hype for that because I realize it's just gonna be a new way for me to give people Freelo.
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2022.01.19 22:57 Last-Translator7724 1 second in you know exactly where this is going

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2022.01.19 22:57 oneweirdkiwi I think Diancie is my new favorite Pokemon...

I think Diancie is my new favorite Pokemon...
I spot some familiar colors
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2022.01.19 22:57 swqrqgrjuudrgaklag Any news on controller support for PC?

Just recently switched from console to PC, as all my friends play there. Can't however get used to playing Mouse/Keyboard for a long time.
Was wondering if this is still a thing as I heard Chris talk about it in an interview.
Only thing holding me back from playing more really.
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2022.01.19 22:57 Tall_Ad_438 If jules actually does this…I’m DONE

Apparently leaks are saying that the reason Rue’s relapse gets found out by her family is because Jules tells her mom, which gets Rue in trouble. This is obviously a good thing and Jules would be making a responsible decision here, but apparently after that happens Jules hooks up with Elliot? RUE’S DRUGGIE FRIEND? The guy she was so jealous of because he and Rue hung out a lot? And she’s gonna know he does hard drugs too. If these spoilers are true then I don’t see how she could possibly be defended after that
And even if she doesn’t snitch on her, Elliot is still literally the male version of Rue, just like how Anna looked just like Rue too, so she’s gonna look like such a hypocrite for doing that and also she’s gonna get waaaaay more criticism than she did in the first season. Its just the season 1 finale 2.0. It’s already been done before too, we really don’t need to see that kinda conflict again.
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2022.01.19 22:57 Humble-Book-6637 Biology Coding Laptop Recs

I work in biology and am looking into getting a pc laptop to use for work and school. I currently have a Mac laptop, but I'd prefer to be able to use it just as a personal laptop as it is not great for most coding software. I am looking for something around the $1,000 USD price range that can efficiently run matlab, r studio, c, java, and python.
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2022.01.19 22:57 alvinbunk Nicaragua La Cumlida Refinada LE back in the US

The Nicaragua La Cumlida Refinada Limited Edition (for OL) is back in the us:
It's a nice one to try if you haven't tried it yet; it's very special coffee, and here is my review of it:
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2022.01.19 22:57 Few-Concern-5094 Living on 103rd st

Moving there for school.. is it a safe area? I’m a women in my early 20s and very petite and I’m a chef so I’m worried about trying to go back home late at night. Any tips?
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2022.01.19 22:57 cherrysdoubt MATH TEXTBOOK

does anyone have Viewing Life Mathematically: A Pathway To Quantitative Literacy by Kimberly Denley ??
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2022.01.19 22:57 No-Analysis5146 Hot Malu trevejo Tiktok

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2022.01.19 22:57 NoOutlandishness9892 How to stop placing self worth on lack of attention from women?

Hi, I’m a 21 year old male and in college. I’ve recently been in a self improvement journey, started back in my sophomore year (20), lost body fat back in may, started hitting the gym religiously in August, stacked my resume for my future career, and now finding hobbies. I have 4 close friends, but I somewhat prefer this over having a clique like in hs. For financial reasons, I live at home with parents, visit campus friends every weekend or so, and I’m now trying to make time out of my busy schedule to join more clubs. I have a part time job, but it doesn’t pay as much and I get little hours.
I watch a lot of YouTubers who kinda talk about how mens peak attractiveness is like 10% body fat, and how you need to have all your shit together before you can have women in your life or a girlfriend. “Life setup” as they call it. However, it kinda has made me feel I’m not really “enough” for girls yet, or women in general. The whole manosphere on YouTube tries to say that men aren’t really all that enough for women until they are 24-25. And that up until that point you just self improve as a man. I guess that makes sense, and it serves as some motivation, but I can’t help but see other guys my age actually having women around them or dating. So it makes me feel that what I’m doing is wrong.
It’s gotten to the point where I’ve placed my self worth as a man and my value completely contingent on if a girl likes me, or not. I want to really stop living like this, but idk what to do. It’s not affecting my mental health per say but it just sucks when I start thinking about it. Is it normal for me to feel this way at 21? How do I get over this?
TLDR: 21M in college, places self worth on women attention, how to give up this mindset.
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2022.01.19 22:57 DoctorMew13 Who needs angel wings with those airplane ears?

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2022.01.19 22:57 Brilliant_Car3986 Anyone heard from Stanford Bioengineering?

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2022.01.19 22:57 Crazygamerlv I finally got my watch fixed. I did it myself. I bought a "Sapphire" cover. And because it's all pressed in, I pressed it all in. The glass is 39.5.

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2022.01.19 22:57 TTLAAJ Investigators find three vehicles in Brazos River during search for missing Waco woman

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2022.01.19 22:57 cv2020br [News] Latest from Meta researchers and great advancement for the Metaverse! Imagine being able to view any video of a human from any new unseen view/angle! 😍😲

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2022.01.19 22:57 Abdulcrypto784 علی غزل میں دستخط تھا عشق کا وہ دستخط بحال کر رہا ہوں میں !

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2022.01.19 22:57 MSClown oh my god guys look i got sonic frontiers early

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