Definitely considering rewatching

2022.01.19 22:10 BirdBeeke Definitely considering rewatching

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2022.01.19 22:10 Ashton_w It didn’t work for 2 months and now look 🤤

Hey everyone, so a few months ago I really started to realize how much I didn’t believe in my religion and it started to make me feel like I wanted to find answers and so started trying to really better myself and try to just follow my mind and it eventually led me to Neville. When I found him I watched hours on his lectures cause I was so curious after I watched this old guy talk about Neville to his grandchild or son I don’t really know but he said he made millions and so I started down the rabbit hole. I started to use Neville for 2 months ( 3 months now ) and even went all the way sober just to try and really get this shit going and after trying the ladder strategy and trying for $1000 for a month I decided to just stop everything cause nothing happened at all and after around a month of just imagining random things and absolutely NONE or it working I decided aight, I’m done. Stopped for a long while started smoking again and about 1 month or sooner of me smoking again I got really high (on weed) and decided fuck it I want to try it again so I laid on my back and imagined me and this girl I used to know (eventually we just stopped hanging out) smoking in my car and at the end of me imagining I said “Did you see subconscious mind?” And I said “yes” and my whole body got taken over by this strong faith feeling and I went to bed, the next day in 1st period (only 10 hours went by since I imagined) I got a snap. And guess who it FUCKING was. The girl I haven’t talk to in literally 4-5 months and imagined the night before and she just snapped me. I looked and didn’t really think anything first but when we started talking I was like oh shit and 3 days later we brought bud and we smoked in my car at lunch. After that I hung out with her that night and it was cool and then that night I imagined me standing in my room looking at my clock and seeing it read, 6:00am as I wanted to wake up early and on time so I could do my hair and look nice to see her the following day, Also I have my alarm set for 6 but I always ignore it until the tenth alarm so I wanted to wake up before it naturally, and be on time. That morning at about 5:58 or 59, I felt my body become aware and I realized I was sleeping and my eyes just opened and I was like I wonder what time it is and just was petting my dog for a little bit and then boom my alarm went off and I was just was stunned and I realized it worked perfectly and RIGHT THIER I found the answer I was looking for from the beginning and all I was doing wrong. The key is FAITH. That’s all religion is. And that’s what made the whole religion and that’s what you need to feel to be able to manifest whatever you want. God I love you for reading this shit and I hope you don’t give up and keep your faith.
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2022.01.19 22:10 DarrynSomething Can anyone name them?

On Rainbows 20th Century masters album cover, from left to right who are the 2nd and 4th guys?
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2022.01.19 22:10 Slight_Pollution5333 Academic research survey

Hello everyone, I’m a research student and I am asking if you could please spare 2 min of your time to fill out my survey. I need at least 500 repainted by at least February 1st. Please try and answer every question as accurate as you can
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2022.01.19 22:10 BuddhistFirst Dzongsar Khyentse's New Movie "Buddha Path Hostel" Trailer Preview Video

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2022.01.19 22:10 heartlander2099 What should I do?

I reported to my institution about a student about whom I had a bad feeling. I was matched with him in two group projects, and he was not helpful; he did not attend group sessions and made excuses. I got a strange sensation that something was wrong with this guy from the minute I saw him. Because of his behaviours, I believe he has developmental issues. During group work, a classmate and I expressed our concerns about him, but nothing seemed to happen. I received a text message from a strange number that contained images of him in an unusual manner. His attention is focused on the camera with a straight face… the message said “I think I sent it by mistake” after that he sent another one. I reported him to student conduct.
When student conduct contacted him to investigate the matter, he stated that he did not send those text messages. And now I want to contact the cops and have the phone number traced. Although the college would prefer to issue a warning. I believe the police will investigate this; the cops will need a warrant to trace down this number. This is considered harassment. I have nothing in the text that indicates it was him, but I do have the photographs that were supplied to me. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? I blocked the number and filed a report, and now I want to contact the cops.
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2022.01.19 22:10 MrTreb [Spoiler] Early story question

So right at the end of Act 1/Start of Act 2, Takemura makes a phone call saying I found the guy that killed Arasaka , but then 5 minutes later he's in the diner >! asking you to help him find justice for Arasaka, implying he knows it was not V !<
Does it explain this? Did he know all along? I'm confused a bit about that part.
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2022.01.19 22:10 DiscoBurnToken_DBT 💥💥💥10,000 Disco Burn Tokens 💥💥💥

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2022.01.19 22:10 real_obscene Rude Nurse

So my son was born 2 months premature, He's been at McMaster NICU since his birth, except for a week that he spent in Brantford. Well today, we had the rudest nurse ever. She refused to answer any of our questions, stating that she was to busy for us and our son, when he just had surgery a week ago. Being rude to her fellow staff and so on. Now this hospital saved my life as child several times, I've never had any problems. Tell today, so I spoke to her Boss and told her what went on, the boss gave us an apology and some speech about them being a team and how they don't stand for it. Now my question is, for any body in the field medicine will this nurse actually even hear about our complaint or will she go on to ruin some other poor parents already stressful day?
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2022.01.19 22:10 waterfruitacherry Just picked this up and have yet to experience anything like it.

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2022.01.19 22:10 serbronwen Beatle PSX - Suikoden 1 Save into Suikoden 2

Help me import my sweet 108 stars into Suikoden 2.

  1. Currently: Retroarch was setup to make a memory card for each game.
  2. When I switched it to Shared Memory Card, it prioritizes loading that shared memory card and doesn't recognize the old suikoden 1 memory card.
  3. How do I get my suikoden 1 save from the individual memory card to the shared memory card so I can import the save to Suikoden 2?
  4. Note: I tried just renaming the .srm file to my suikoden 2 game and it didn't work.
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2022.01.19 22:10 will_this_1_work Mole chasing mole is the mole. Imagine the odds

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2022.01.19 22:10 buttholeman007 Passions conflict with family values

Hello, I looked for a long time to find something I could dedicate my life to. I've found the field of Pharmacy. I want to be a Pharmacist and conduct my own independent research when I'm older. I have already started looking into Pharmaceuticals. I have openly said this for years. I have done experiments on myself as well. My family are country people who largely don't believe in medicine. It's amazing how ignorant on the topic they are. Sometimes flat out refusing medications or treatments. I have had severe acne with Hyperpigmentation from using LGD for 4 weeks one time. I still have the bottle, it gave me acne all over, I expected some acne but not as much and in the places I did. I got some on my back, my arms, chest and especially it worsened my acne from puberty. My mother one day asked me if I was "shooting up", since there are pimple PIH scars on my Vein area on my forearm as well. My mother is a little more understanding of the topic but she's still a blood relative of the others who are the main issue here. I had to reassure her about it that I wasn't. Which is very aggravating, because a couple of weeks ago I ordered some (hgh) CJC-1295 w DAC and Ipamorelin. Which are both injection based. Yes I know what they do and I have legitimate reasons to use those. I told her about those, just incase she snoops around my house and finds the needles I have yet to order. She thinks all the medicines I've looked into are bunk and not effective. I explained to her that I will need to inject those things she had watery eyes. I'm afraid she has the wrong idea. (It's incredibly aggravating because they always get the wrong idea.)
They "don't trust the Pharmaceutical industry". And I combat that by saying "I trust science, which is why I do my research before I buy anything". My mother apparently receives lectures about me from other family members, I became aware of this today.
Also The acne problem no longer will persist since I have ordered tertinoin to go along side it.
On another note, I know this post seems devoid of emotion unless it's anger but I'm very frustrated about this and I'm trying not to let it seep into this post, my apologies.
What do I do?
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2022.01.19 22:10 Wide-Information-708 My coworker just started playing again after a 3 year break and is looking for friends to gift with. She plays daily but casually. If you’re looking for a friend help her out please!

5434 4939 1620
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2022.01.19 22:10 ihavealotofpuppies I-485 Question

Hi, on the I-485 form (adjust based on marriage), part 5 question 10. It asks is your current spouse applying with you? Would this be yes since I’ll be filing I-130 together? Or would it be no since he would not be adjusting status… I’m a little confused! Thanks!
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2022.01.19 22:10 jobsinanywhere Watch Kane score 250th club goal 11 years on from Leyton Orient opener after Albrighton's heroic goal-line clearance

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2022.01.19 22:10 kesagatami Julie Skyhigh

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2022.01.19 22:10 g4m3f33d What's In The Fortnite Item Shop Today - January 20, 2022: New Tones And I Emote - GameSpot

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2022.01.19 22:10 Stunning_Copy9407 My water dogs.

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2022.01.19 22:10 seemeri Get a load of this guy

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2022.01.19 22:10 geocashin What happened to cxmmingxnbitchxs?

He used to be in jewelxxet. Looks like he vanished from the platform as i can barely find anything.
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2022.01.19 22:10 Lion_92 I started off with a PL team but wanted a change so went to Bundesliga/French as Mendy, Lloris, Upamencano and Dembele are all untradeable. The strikers are missing sitters though and costing me games!! Any advice please

I started off with a PL team but wanted a change so went to Bundesliga/French as Mendy, Lloris, Upamencano and Dembele are all untradeable. The strikers are missing sitters though and costing me games!! Any advice please submitted by Lion_92 to fut [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 22:10 Zombiemeowtaco What is your favorite fruit?

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2022.01.19 22:10 Buccura Almost got a PCX parse working, but the colors aren't read properly

I almost have a parse for reading a PCX file working, but right now when it applies the texture it is just a jumbled mess of pixels of seemingly random colors. As far as I know it is reading the bytes of the image properly, as I am able to get accurate data on the max x and y for the image. It's just so far every method I have tried to accurate create the image has been frustrated. The pcx is 8 bits per pixel, with a plane count of 1 and a 256 color with palette. My understanding from what I read is each byte after 127 is an R, G and then B color code for the image. My other thought was maybe each byte itself is a single full color code, since it never goes higher than 255 and this is a 256 color palette. If so, is there a way to convert a single byte value to a full RGB color? I have tried doing some << offsetting but so far no luck.
I am not necessarily asking for the the full answer, but rather some direction on where to take this, especially if I am not thinking about it the correct way.
Here is my code at present.

 string pcxPath = Application.dataPath + "texture.pcx"; byte[] reader = File.ReadAllBytes(pcxPath); bitsInFrame = reader[3]; minX = reader[4]; minY = reader[6]; maxX = reader[8]; maxY = reader[10]; horzDPI = reader[12]; vertDPI = reader[14]; numColorPlanes = reader[65]; horzSourceScreen = reader[70]; vertSourceScreen = reader[72]; startingPoint = 128; Color[] colorArray = new Color[reader.Length / 3]; Texture2D imgTexture = new Texture2D(maxX / 3, maxY / 3); string byteString = ""; for (int i = startingPoint; i < reader.Length - 2; i += 3) { byteString += reader[i] + " "; Color newColor = new Color(reader[i] / 255f, reader[i + 1] / 255f, reader[i +2] / 255f); colorArray[(i - startingPoint) / 3] = newColor; } imgTexture.SetPixels(colorArray); Debug.Log(byteString); imgTexture.Apply(); mat.materials[0].mainTexture = imgTexture; 
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2022.01.19 22:10 BradTheFnafGamer Thank. Fucking. God

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